A Thank You

Meet Angel Mendoza, one of CTEBVI’s 2017 Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship recipients in this new vlog!


The Sound of Music

*Early this week, we posted Taylor’s vlog to our social media sites, but forgot to post it to the blog. Our apologies for the delay, but at long last, please enjoy Taylor’s trip to see “The Sound of Music”!*



Junior Blind Olympics

Hi, everyone!

I’m so glad I’m writing again! It’s been such a long time. Sorry! On May second, I attended the Junior Blind Olympics. I met last year’s winner of the DCYS, Heaven Vallejos. Also, I saw her twin, Alan. They were really funny together. Then, we started the games. There was shot put, long jump, archery, judo, goalball, the obstacle course, tandum cycling, the 25 yard dash, rock climbing, and canoeing. My favorite event of the day was rock climbing. It was a little scary because you didn’t know if you’d fall, but you had to trust in yourself, and trust in the ropes. I ended up making it in two minutes. Below is the link to my rock climbing video, when I had to ring this bell to let them know I was done. I also enjoyed goalball, which was fun because I got to practice the defence. Later on, I got two silvers in the 25-yard dash, the obstacle course, and a gold in rock climbing. I can’t wait to go again next year. For the blind and visually impaired community, make sure you get involved in this amazing event! For the adults out there, you could be coaches, volunteers who help the kids, and if you have a kid out there, cheer them on! I’ll write again soon!

Until next time,

Another Cinderella Story

Last week, Taylor and her friends took a field trip to watch Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the Ahmanson Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles.  Her first official vlog (video blog) is below!

For those of you who might be interested in the audio described version of her vlog (for the text and photos), please click the video below: