Spring Updates


We visited the junior high that I will attend. We met with the counselors and talked about the classes that we will be taking.  I am getting excited about football season. I have to start work on getting in shape for football, in the fall and then wrestling, in the winter.


Easter break was fun but crazy.  We had an extravaganza at church and then a lot of family came to my house for Easter.  We had a bbq!  We went swimming.  The weather was warm, but the pool was cold. We came back to school and now only have 9 week until summer vacation.


New School

On January  22, I started at a new school. It was hard at first, but I was excited to move because it is closer to my home.  I feel like it was a good move because I got a head start of making friends that I will go to junior high with.  I made some good friends that helped me adjust to my new school.  I did know one of the teachers so that made me feel better.  My new teachers were helpful, but it was different from the school that I was used to so it has been an adjustment.

Middle School

Pictured: Angel Mendoza wrestling — Photo Courtesy of: Angel MendozaHello again, I am doing another blog. Today, I want to talk about how I’m going to get around in middle school and how it is different. These are the things that keep me going in life. My plans for middle school are playing on the Football team, Wrestling once again, and making a lot of new friends. I am going to ask my brother Eddie if he would get me a football paper. The reason why I would ask him to get me a form is because I would not be at Rayburn just yet. The middle school will be handing out some forms for anyone interested in football and any other fall sports. I heard that they will be handing papers out in late June. If I plan on doing football, I would have to get things done and do my work so that I can play sports. I would have to decide quickly because camp is coming up soon. I will get a Wrestling paper after that.

The biggest challenge that that I am thinking about right now is the school work that I would have to do and get used to. The other things that I would have to think about is keeping up with my school work. If they have a place to go for homework, I would try to get into it if it is not during after school so that I would have time for sports and other after school activities. If I do all of those things, I would be able to do the sports I plan to. Whenever I am thinking about things in middle school I would go to my brother Eddie for some advice.

Mia & Taz

Pictured: (l-r) Mia; Taz, a black guide dog and Angel — Photo Courtesy of Angel Mendoza

Pictured: (l-r) Mia; Taz, a black guide dog and Angel — Photo Courtesy of Angel Mendoza


Well hello! I am doing this blog on a guide dog named Taz. Taz is a guide dog from a guide dog school in San Rafael. Mia got Taz in June 2017. Taz guides Mia with a special kind of harness for guide dogs. Mia has a way of dealing with her dog while at college and other places. For example, when Mia gives Taz a command such as down, hop up, or stay, he will do that command. Mia also showed me what she does with him in the car during mobility lessons. For instance, if she tells him to hop up, he would get in the car and sit down where you would put your feet.

If Taz is off duty, I will get to pet him as long as it is okay with Mia. Taz and I love it when I get to pet him. I also know that Mia loves, to be guided with a dog as much as a person. If I were able to have a guide dog, I would have to think about how it would work with him or her. I have a lot of pros and cons about it as well.


Pictured: Angel Mendoza in football jersey and helmet - Photo Courtesy of Angel Mendoza

Pictured: Angel Mendoza in football jersey and helmet – Photo Courtesy of Angel Mendoza

I am here with another blog.  I have been doing a lot this year.  I’m doing football this year.  I will tell you how it feels to be in this sport.  Cross country runs with their own weight, but football players carry their own weight plus pads.  I have played in the Varsity team game against the Ravens.  I truly believe I don’t belong in J.V.  The reason why I think that is because I work very hard and make every second count.  If the coach asked me to play on Varsity, I would say yes to his offer.  I am the center for my team.  The center is the guy who hikes the ball.  The things that are good about football is that it is the most popular sport between my friends and I.  Another thing I like is that you can be in contact with each other.  The last thing I like is that you get a bright yellow jersey with a number and the name of your mascot in blue.


Sierra Outdoor School Experience

Pictured: Angel Mendoza at Outdoor School Camp - Photo Courtesy of Angel Mendoza

Pictured: Angel Mendoza at Outdoor School Camp – Photo Courtesy of Angel Mendoza

Well, I am back with another blog.  I have something good to talk about.  I’ve taken a three-day trip to a place called Sierra Outdoor School.  When I arrived, I was excited about how it would look inside all of the buildings.  The boy’s dorm had eight steel bunks, a mattress about as thick as a gymnastics mat, showers with a curtain, and a decent sized bathroom.  As I would imagine, the same went for the girl’s dorm.  I did quite a lot of things in the school.  I built shelters, dissected owl pellets, made arrowheads, and did so much more.  I loved how the teachers and staff were so kind to us in Sonora.  I also liked the old historic gold mining town of Columbia.  But before that, I went to a place called Mercer Caverns and went about 160 feet down into the Earth’s surface.  If I could go back I would!


Sizzling Summer

Pictured: Angel wrestling at a wrestling tournament -- Photo courtesy of: Angel Mendoza

Pictured: Angel wrestling at a wrestling tournament — Photo courtesy of: Angel Mendoza

I really enjoy being with my wrestling team. I’ve made some good friends from The Vipers. The Vipers are a wrestling team from Caruthers – a small town south of Fresno. One of my new friends is Hunter and another one is Diego. I met Hunter three weeks ago and I met Diego at our last tournament. They are good guys and I’m glad I got to be friends with them. My younger brother says I can’t hang out with my new friends because they wrestle for a competing team but I hang out with them anyway. I like having a variety of friends and I like getting to know new people so I will still get to know friends from other teams. I have four medals since I started wrestling. I have two second place medals and a third place medal. I wear them on Fridays at school. People ask me where I got them, so it’s a good way to start a conversation. Fridays are my favorite days.

My O&M Specialist took me on a trip to Five Guys Hamburgers at Riverpark shopping center. We took the city bus and I learned how to use bus tokens. I ordered and paid for my own food. The hamburgers were great.

School is almost over and I’m looking forward to summer because I get to rest and do the things I love like swimming and staying up ate and playing Minecraft. I have been playing Minecraft lately and so far I have found a Nether Fortress and a Blazesponder. But, I’m also not looking forward to summer because I won’t see some of my friends I see every day at school.

Have a great summer.

See you later,