Tactile Art

Pictured: Avery Crivello with her tactile art -- Photo courtesy of Nora Crivello

Pictured: Avery Crivello with her tactile art — Photo courtesy of Nora Crivello

Hello CTEBVI Friends!

This month I made tactile art. I had a lot of fun making it. Tactile art is when there are cool items popping up from the page or canvas. At my TVI Sonja Biggs’s house she has tactile art with strings of beads that were glued to the canvas and painted over. I did three types of tactile art this month. One was for my mom which was some cool puffy stickers and a blue ribbon on the page. The second was when I went with my friend Mira to an art class. We first painted the canvas blue and then we put grass onto the canvas. We got to choose colors and make 3-D flowers. Mine were yellow, purple and pink. I also added a little detail which was the sun.

Today I made the third. It was my mom’s idea. We made the solar system. First we painted the canvas black; it took two layers. We then added puffy, glittery flowers onto it to represent the planets and the solar system. It may not have any stars, but if you hang it in the light, it has small white spots that represent stars. I like that the planets are represented with flowers. We even added the moons around it. Did you know that Jupiter has 67 moons!

I like tactile art because the cool items on the page puff up and you can feel them. Tactile art is important for people with very low to no vision because they can experience the art if they can touch it.

Over the next month, I’d like to practice with more types of art before I open my gallery this summer. I’d like to practice art using different types and colors of paper. My mom said this is called a collage. I could cut them out and make them into different shapes and flowers. When school gets out my mom said she’ll buy more supplies for me to practice with.

Thank you again for the scholarship!
Avery Crivello


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