Going Home Soon

Pictured: Mario Chitwood swimming -- Photo courtesy of Mario Chitwood

Pictured: Mario Chitwood swimming — Photo courtesy of Mario Chitwood

Hey blog readers,

I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start. I have mixed feeling about mine. As you know, I’ve been in Mexico for almost three months! I will be returning home in 2-3 weeks and I’m really excited to get back to California. I am actually ready to start school again even though I know I will have a lot of make up work to do. I am also looking forward to hanging out with all my cousins and finally getting to hold my baby brother Max. I talk to him on the phone but he’s only 2 years old so he mostly just likes to push the buttons. I think he knows that sound irritates me.

Although I am excited to return home, there are some things I will miss about Mexico. I will miss being able to ride in the back of my aunt’s truck. I will definitely miss the amazing fireworks. And I will also miss the many cousins I spent time with here.
I hope in the future they will visit me in California so my mom and I can be their tour guides.

Recently, we went to a public swim center. It was super crowded so I didn’t enjoy it too much. The water was warm though. One pool was actually super hot natural spring water. I only got in up to my knees and stayed in for a couple of minutes. It was good that we got to experience those thermal waters because a lot of locals say they are therapeutic but I don’t really want to go back because the crowd was overwhelming.
One new thing I’ve been doing a lot of is watching cooking tutorials on YouTube. My mom and I have watch a lot of new recipes that we can’t wait to try once we get home.
It will be a great excuse to visit our local spice shop. I like going there because you can taste all the spices before you buy them.

Another new place we recently checked out was the local sports center here in Mexico. There is a huge soccer field, lots of basketball courts, and a track. My great aunt, mom, and I walked about a mile and a half but then my mom wanted to go check out the Zumba class they were offering. Overall, it was a good place to visit and we are planning on going back soon.

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope all is well with Christopher. Until next time.



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