Making Memories in Mexico 

Pictured: Mario Chitwood and his great-grandmother, Alicia -- Photo courtesy of: Mario Chitwood

Pictured: Mario Chitwood and his great-grandmother, Alicia — Photo courtesy of: Mario Chitwood

Hello friends,

I am still visiting family in Mexico. It is so different here. I have met so many new family members. I have a lot of cousins my age so it’s been fun trying to teach them English. I also met my great grandmother. She loves me and thinks I’m handsome.
On December 11, 2016 I got baptized. Even though the whole ceremony was in Spanish, I still enjoyed the whole event. Afterwards we had a small celebration in my honor. We ate chicken with vegetables and for dessert my mom ordered a costume made cake. It was decorated with a giant white cross and it read Felicidads Mario (Congratulations Mario).
Even though our time here has been enjoyable. The biggest adjustment has been living without internet. We usually go every few days to my Mom’s cousin’s house where there is internet but I miss having access to it everyday. I play some resource management games that require internet and so I’m sad I can’t play as often as I want to.
A few days ago we visited a flea market and I bought a bunch of fireworks. My favorite was called Crackling Saturn Missiles. It was a small square box with 25 missiles tips pointed upward and the fuse was on the corner of the box. When I lit the fuse, seconds later each missile launched out of the box and made whistling sounds and crackling noises. It was awesome! My mom is going to take me back to the flea market to buy more so that on Christmas we can lite some fireworks.
One sad thing that has happened here is that I tried to introduce s’mores to my cousin’s and it didn’t work out as planned. My mom went shopping for the ingredients but wasn’t able to find graham crackers so she substituted for cookies sprinkled with cinnamon. When my cousin’s and I roasted marshmallows then put our s’mores together and took a bite, we did not like the flavor. I was sad that my plan had failed but at least we had fun roasting marshmallows and eating those all by themselves.
Take care blog readers. Until next time!

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