Unexpected Trip

Pictured: Mario Chitwood and a Braille/large print menu from Denny's -- Photo courtesy of Mario Chitwood

Pictured: Mario Chitwood and a Braille/large print menu from Denny’s — Photo courtesy of Mario Chitwood

Hello readers,

I am writing this blog from outside the country. I am in Mexico! It is my first time traveling out of the country and it has been a great experience so far.

Side note, the hotel we are staying at has an amazing chocolate cake.
As you may know from my last blog the original plan was for me to stay behind while my mom traveled but at the last minute she decided that I could go too. So we expedited a passport, set up independent study and here I am.

We took two airplanes. The last time I was on an airplane was six years ago so it was awesome to be on an airplane again. I love the feeling of when the plane takes off. Landing is fun too though.

On day two of our trip, we entered a local Denny’s restaurant and for the first time ever, I was offered a menu in Braille! We could not believe it. It was a very cool experience and it’s something I will never forget. It was nice not depending on someone to read the menu to me & having the opportunity to read the menu myself. It made dining out a much better experience. It would be nice if all or at least most restaurants in the U.S provided Braille menus.

My mom and dad are not fans of being on airplanes so my mom hopes to book a nonstop flight back home. But I’m hoping she won’t find one so that we can go on multiple airplanes. My mom has been on an airplane before but this was my dad’s first time and I don’t think he liked it very much. He is not looking forward to our return flights.

The only downside to this trip has been that we did our traveling to Mexico Halloween day. That meant that unfortunately this year I did not get to dress up or even go trick or treating. I had planned on dressing up as an FBI agent but my mom didn’t think it was a good idea since we’d be going through airport security. So I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to be an FBI agent.

One thing we are doing is keeping up with the election results. It’s a very different experience watching election results in the U.S vs. watching them when you are out of the country. The media coverage is not as heavy and it’s not really a topic of conversation. I know if we were back home, it would be a completely different vibe. I won’t say who I would vote for if I could but I’m starting to get really into politics and can’t wait until I am old enough to vote.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am still so honored to be one of the Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship Recipients for 2016!


One thought on “Unexpected Trip

  1. Great Article Mario! Sounds like you had a memorable vacation. My daughter Heaven was the Donna Coffee recipient a couple of years ago. She had a blast with her blog. Keep living life Mario! We can’t wait to meet you! I was impressed that you were able to get a braille menu at the Denny’s in Mexico. We always ask Denny’s here and never able to get one?


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