Amazing Holiday Concert

Pictured: Chris Serrano in a tuxedo -- Photo courtesy of: Chris Serrano

Pictured: Chris Serrano in a tuxedo — Photo courtesy of: Chris Serrano

This passed month has been great! I had the first show with both the Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo at the end of October. Using my bass clarinet (that the scholarship funded), I took a solo for the first time with the Combo for the song Blue Train by John Coltrane. We also performed Fly Me To The Moon, a jazz adaptation of Thriller, and a song originally composed here in Culver City called Blue Moon.


The event itself was amazing! My band teacher hired a food truck to sell pupusas (a delicious Salvadorian dish) and ten percent of the proceeds went into funding the music program. It was also nice to watch all of the other bands perform their pieces. Most of the songs played that night were either Fall or Halloween related. We even set up a small carnival for elementary school kids to win prizes and candy before the show. Overall, it was an awesome way to start the year.

This coming Saturday, I have another gig with some friends of mine from the Academy of Music for the Blind. We’ll be playing a variety of jazz tunes such as Song For My Father and Blue Bossa. My friends and I recently got together and created an all winds group consisting of two flutes, a saxophone, a melodica, and my bass clarinet. We will be accompanied by our teachers who will play drums, piano, bass, and guitar in the background. Then each of us will take a short solo to show off our abilities as wind players before returning to the main melody.

Other than music, everything is going fine. School is going well but I can’t wait for the weekends to finally get here. I hung out with some friends on Halloween night and it was a blast.
Thanks again and I hope that Mario is doing well.


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