End of School Year

Pictured: Chris Serrano with guitar -- Photo courtesy of: Chris Serrano

Pictured: Chris Serrano with guitar — Photo courtesy of: Chris Serrano

I can’t believe that the year is almost over! It’s been a great tenth grade. I’ve made some awesome new friends, learned a lot about playing music with others, and did great in my classes.

Last friday, I played in the last Jazz concert of the year with the big band and other ensembles. We performed four exciting pieces from a variety of different composers. At the end, all the seniors in band were recognized by our music teacher and director. Delicious snacks and drinks were provided for the musicians after the show was over and we all just hung out and had a good time.

I’ve decided to join my school’s Jazz Combo next year as well. This band, though smaller than the big band, is constantly booked for gigs at various locations, and on occasion is paid for playing. Many of my friends are part of the combo and strongly recommend that I join, especially since we’ll be losing a large portion of players this year. I am also super enthusiastic about beginning sound recording classes after school in my junior year. I am currently in the process of acquiring the software I’ll need to succeed in this class.

Not too long ago, some friends and I played music at our school assembly. We played a simple 12 bar blues piece during which we traded solos. Everyone loved it and said we did really good! I told my counselor that I’d certainly love to play in future assemblies. I’m planning to get my own band started over the summer break. Maybe we could play together at school functions.

Thanks again to everyone involved in the Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship and congratulations to the other winner Mario! Hope he enjoys his trip to the LA Science Center!



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