May 2016 Blog


Pictured: Chris Serrano, 2016 Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship Recipient — Photo courtesy of Chris Serrano

I am still really excited that I won the scholarship. Since receiving the funds, I have started shopping for a bass clarinet to use in my Jazz Ensemble at Culver City High School. Currently I’m playing the standard clarinet, but I’m looking forward to learning this new instrument. Hopefully by next month I will have found something that I can use the funds for.

In addition, I’ve started researching some studio software for blind music producers. I’m really interested in learning to use a program called Sonar. I am learning the accessibility of another program called CakeTalking by Dancing Dots. Once I get this set up on my laptop with JAWS, I will be able to independently make beats, write, and record some original music. I’m also planning on taking a class next year called Sound Recording in which this software will greatly help.

In conclusion, I am thrilled to have the opportunity through the Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship to further my music education.

Thanks again,



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