Exit Interview – Taylor Cox

As the year of Taylor Cox comes to an end, we thought we’d find out what her experience has been like and asked her to share her thoughts in this fun CTEBVI “exit interview”!

Pictured: Taylor Cox

Pictured: Taylor Cox

How did you feel when you won the scholarship?
I felt awesome! It felt so great knowing that I got a scholarship so young and I knew I wouldn’t waste it!

What did you use the scholarship money for this year?
I used the money for recording software and private jujitsu lessons.

What did you learn and why was it important to take these lessons?
I learned a lot of awesome techneques to make certain of the moves better. This was important because it made all the difference between what I knew I could do and what I chose to do. Also, it made me a lot more aggressive!

How do you feel now that your year as the DCYS recipient is over?
I feel sad that the year is over, and I can’t believe how fast the year went by!

What are three words you can use to describe this experience?
Awesome, thrilling, amazing!!

What was your highlight about this year?

I think the highlight of this year was writing The Story of my life because it felt good just to be writing again. I also thought Camp Bloomfield was awesome too.

What did you learn about yourself since receiving the scholarship?
I think I realized how much I like to write. Once I get gowing, it’s really hard to stop. I also learned how lucky I was. I know that other people tried and didn’t get it. I hope that they realize that they can do it again next year too and try their luck.

What advice would you give to future DCYS recipients?
Be yourself. No matter what, just go and write! Also, make sure you pace yourself so that you aren’t scrambling to keep up like I was!

What will you miss the most about the blog?
I think I will miss just writing my experiences. I will also miss looking back at all my other blogs. Finally, I think I’ll miss my name on the blog as 2015 recipient!

What do you want people to know about you?
I think I want people to know that I really did try for the scholarship. There was tough competition and I’m happy that I did this. Also, I want people to know that I keep going, even through hurdles and obstacles. I’m just like a normal teenage girl, except I’m sort of a geek.

Anything else you would like to share?
Good luck to the next recipiant!

You have so many fans who want to know how you’re doing and what you’re up to. We would love to contact you from time to time to update us and we’ll post it to our social media accounts. Is this ok?
Heck yeah!


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