Hi! On Friday we went to the festival. The Festival is a type of concert and we get judged. It is in the Garden Grove High School. Bands and orchestras play three pieces of music. I went with my school, Dwyer Middle School. I got to leave school early and got on the bus with my friend, Tim.

​When we got there, we watched two bands and then finally Dwyer performed. They did well. They got excellent, which is the third highest rank you could get. After that was lunch. I talked with my friend Kelly for a little and got ready. I met my friend Rene, who also plays the keys. We were the only piano players in the orchestra. After a short warmup, we went to play.

We did three short pieces. The first one we played was Spring, composed by Antonio Vivaldi. I think we all know that one. The next two were newer. They were called Dramatic Essay and Cello Squadron. Dramatic essay went from slow to very fast in a short transition. The third piece also changed tempo, and the first part reminded me of Star Wars. It had that same heroic feel. Other good news…. We have Cello Squadron on my mom’s phone so I’ll post that to the blog too! You’ll hear me too with the base. I explained the songs themselves a lot. Now I’ll explain the performance.

We did Spring first. I played right hand while Rene played the baseline. She did really well. Me, well, it took me a little bit of time to settle down. Then, after a long break, we played dramatic essay. I played left hand on that one. We rushed a little bit, but we did fine. Cello Squadron did good as well. It was a little harder song to play for me, but it went well. We did great. We ended up placing at Superior. The only thing we could’ve gotten better with was unanimous superior. It was a beautiful day and full of excitement. I loved bragging to my friend in band and telling him we got superior! It was also on the school announcements so everybody knew. It was one of the most fabulous Fridays ever!


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