Thanksgiving Recall

Taylor Cox

Hi, everyone! I’m going to tell you about my Thanksgiving break. On that Sunday, I had a jujitsu tournament and I got third place. It was one of the big tournaments. Everybody trained really hard to be the best that they could be. The tournament was called the World Champions. You could tell because the girls who fight are really good, along with the boys, too. In my opinion, the girls are just as good as the boys.

On Thanksgiving I ran in a 5 k that morning. I started the running club in September. I started by barely making it through one mile, and now, here I was, running a 5k on Thanksgiving. I ran it in about 45 minutes. My mom ran with me, along with my teacher, Mrs. Convery, the teacher who started it all. Her husband, Mr. Convery, ran with us. I had my phone with me and I had made a playlist for it. When I finished, I was really proud. Well, proud and tired. I got a metal and a water bottle, and the whole Thanksgiving ahead of me.

After that, we chilled for a little bit, and then we went to my Grandma’s house. My cousins Nina and Mia were there, along with my other cousins Cameron and Kibo. My aunt Sandy and Uncle Duane were also joining us, along with my parents, my grandpa, and my aunt Corinne. Some of us who brought our bathing suits went into the Jacuzzi. Then, we had turkey, ham, rolls, and macaroni. After that, we kids played a game called Pie face. If you haven’t heard of it, it is where you put your chin on a chin rest and there’s a mask around the machine. You spin the spinner and you will land on a number from 2 to 5. Then you have to push a lever type thing, and if you’re lucky, then you don’t get hit in the face with whipped cream. My older sister, Lauren, has a video of me getting pied, and I’ll see if I can get it from her. That game had everybody laughing. It was an awesome Thanksgiving.

On one of the last days, we went to the beach with my cousins Tyler, Charlie, and Caroline. My aunt Jessica and Uncle Luke came with us, along with their relatives Justin and Ashley. Aunt Jessica and Ashley took Caroline, who’s one now, to get tacos for the boys. Meanwhile, we played football and I tried to peg Uncle Luke in the stomach. I think I got him once, but I don’t remember. When the ladies came back, the boys ate and my mom’s cousin, Chrissy, and our aunt Reeny joined us. It was special seeing them because Chrissy goes to college all the way in New York. We played a little hangman. Uncle Luke and I were a team, and Chrissy and Lauren were a team. Lauren and Chrissy had us stumped because they thought to put the name Randa Rowsy as the man. We got them back when my little cousin, Tyler thought of the word Chewbacca. After that, Chrissy took Lauren shopping which was okay, since I hate it. When they came back, we played another game of Pie Face. Chrissy got it almost every time. She has video of it.
On Saturday, I had a piano recital. I did five songs, and they were pretty long. I did a duet with my teacher, and I did another piece called Fantasia. It was cool because my teacher had a keyboard and I had it sound like a harpsichord. After all, that was what it was written for in the first place because it was made before the piano was invented. I came up a second time to play my composition Pegasus, and I played another song called A Whispered Promise. Then, I played the grand finale, Fur Elise. If you looked it up on the Internet, then I have a feeling you would recognize it.

I’ll write again soon, and for Christmas Break, I’ll try not to make it as long as it was. Be expecting another one soon!


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recall

  1. Taylor, I love your recap. It reminds me of all our fun. I’m especially proud of you running a second 5K and having Uncle Brian push you to drop 10 minutes off your time! Keep working hard. I’m proud of you.


  2. What a great way to remember all that you have done – by sharing it with others! I enjoyed reading this and will patiently wait for the Christmas story!!


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