What Is Jiujitsu

Pictured: (l-r) Bill (Taylor’s instructor), Taylor and Chad (Taylor’s other instructor) — Photo courtesy: Taylor Cox

Hi! I haven’t written about Jujitsu yet, so I’m going to give a brief overview.

For those who don’t know, Jujitsu is a martial art. The object is to make someone tap on you to signify that something hurts or that you’re getting choked. Another way to win is to win on points for doing certain moves. For example, for the mount, which is fancy for “someone sitting on top of you” you get four points. Almost all of the matches end up on the ground. You can take them down, which is kind of like tackling, or pull guard, which is just wrapping your legs around someone. There is no punching or kicking, thank god.

The sport works by a belt system. You start off with a white belt. Then, when you get four stripes which are made out of tape, by the way, you move to grey belt. Then, when you get four stripes on that, you become a yellow belt. Then, you get four stripes on that, then you’re an orange belt. Four more stripes and then you’re a green belt. When you turn sixteen, you get your blue belt. Same rules apply, only different colors. For adults, it’s blue, purple, brown, black, and legends get red belt. If you’re a new adult to this sport, you have to get a white belt before blue. It sounds confusing, but you get used to it. At least, I get used to it because I’ve been doing it for four years.

As most of you know, I’ve been taking privates with my instructor, Chad. I’ve only done about four, but I’ll be doing more. We have pictures, but we don’t have a lot of video. I’ll post it as soon as I can.
Another thing is that we had promotions on Friday, December 11. Its where kids or adults get more stripes or a new belt. I got another stripe on my yellow belt. Now the next step for me is orange belt! It was one of my best Christmas presents yet this year. Speaking of Christmas, I’m looking really forward to it this year. Hope to be writing again soon!



2 thoughts on “What Is Jiujitsu

  1. Taylor, congratulations on your new stripe, and I love reading your blog. Thanks for enlightening us about Jiujitsu. Enjoy your holidays. Love you, Aunt Kathy


  2. Great job writing this article! I’ve seen a couple of your matches and you are both skilled and confident. Thank you for sharing the process and the belt colors!! Helen


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