An Update from Heaven

Pictured: Heaven Vallejos as a "psycho medic"

Pictured: Heaven Vallejos as a “psycho medic” – Photo courtesy of: Heaven Vallejos


Hello everybody,

This last summer I went to summer camp in Napa. It was called Enchanted Hills Camp and it is for blind and visually impaired kids. I especially liked having time away from my brother. Ha-ha! We had fun having song wars at dinner time between us (The Shawnees) and the boys cabin (The Choctaw). They kept singing Happy Birthday and we sang the camp song. We had a talent show and my friend and I did a skit where I played an inanimate object and she played an annoying phone. One day we were doing a scavenger hunt and one of my counselors, who was the horse area leader and we, decided to bring in a horse. Everybody was told to be quiet, but they werenโ€™t and I almost got dragged out the door by that horse. Luckily I let go!

School started. Sixth grade is both fun and torturous. We have to do block rotation so that we can get used to changing teachers for each subject just like in middle school. And for the third straight year I ran Cross Country, but this year I never fell once! Ha! Our 6th grade class went to camp for 3 days in Sonora, CA. We had a fake campfire since we couldnโ€™t have a real fire because we are in a drought and fire is dangerous in the forest. We went to Mercer Caverns and everyone got a taste of what it is like to be blind when they turned off all the lights in the cavern!

Halloween is here and I was an insane, psycho medic. My costume was a lab coat with a bunch of fake blood on it. I used plastic body parts and duct taped them to my lab coat and I had a fake surgical knife and a bone saw.

Thatโ€™s all for now.

Until next time,



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