Technology Turbulence

Taylor purchasing her equipment

Pictured: Taylor purchasing her equipment. Photo courtesy of Taylor Cox

Hi, everyone! I’m a little late, but I did say I would be writing about my recording equipment. First, we tried setting it up, but one of my tools called a mixer wasn’t compatible with Jaws, a program that speaks to me. I needed Jaws to tell me what was going on, so we scratched it.  Then, we got another tool called a sound card, and we couldn’t figure it out. My mom literally spent almost three hours trying to figure it out. Then, by some miracle, we got it working. Yeah, mom!

Then after that, we had to get the right cord for the keyboard to connect with my computer. After that, I did my second recording. I did one of my voice, but it wasn’t very good. My voice was real faint. But my second recording was all keyboard, not voice. It turned out pretty good. There was a lot of background noise, but I could defenatly edit that out, probably..

All the while, my other piece of technology called my Braille Note was not connecting to the internet. I had to call Humanware, the Braille Note’s company, to help me fix it. Fortunately for me, one of the workers helped me and fixed the problem. Now I’m out of the “Technology turbulence” stage and back to a smooth state again.

Thanks for waiting! The recording I just did was a practice run and I’ll put up the final version

Also, school starts tomorrow and I’m half sad, a third excited, and a lot nervous. Hope everything is good with you guys.

Until next time,



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