Camp Bloomfield: Day Four


Pictured: Taylor and Hanna's

Pictured: Taylor and Hanna’s “Soul Sister” Award from Camp Bloomfield

The fourth day of camp was awesome. It was a little different than usual. Breakfast was the same as always. Then, we got to pick our own activity to do. All but one of us went horseback riding. I got to ride another horse named Socks. I thought the ride was fun as usual, but this time the saddle was different. There was a little handle to hold on to called the horn. The other saddle didn’t have it. Then, after riding for a little bit, we worked on a lunch cheer. Finally, we had to change clothes because there was a surprise where we got to get wet. I just wore my bathing suit under my clothes. Then, we took a camp picture and the surprise came. The captain of the fire department came. There were two trucks. We got to feel the equipment and feel inside the trucks. Then we got sprayed by the fire hoses. It reminded me of our church camp that we do every summer. It was really fun.

After the fire truck came, we had our second activity. We had a rerun on the rock wall and the high ropes course. I climbed the rock wall in about two minutes. The high ropes course was my favorite, though. I did it twice. My favorite part of it was holding on to the cables and walking across the rope. Finally, after we finished the rock wall, we went to our cabin to get ready for the awards dinner. As girls, of course, we wore dresses because they wanted semi fancy clothes. As we were getting ready, some of us wore perfume, so a yellow jacket flew into the cabin. It was terrifying! Then, we headed out for dinner.

After dinner, our counselors and activity leads presented the awards. I got an award on the rock wall. The activity lead Rolie, told me that when I was going down the rock wall, I hopped like a frog. So naturally my award was called the “Frog on the Wall” award. Then finally our counselors presented our awards. Mine and Hanna’s went together. Ours was called the Soul Sisters Award. I was really excited that ours went together. We went back to our cabin and then went to the dance. It was fun. We danced to “I’m All About that Base” and “When I met you in the summer.” I mostly hung out with my friend Mina and my other friend Brennen. I even danced with him. After the dance we started packing up for tomorrow. Hanna helped me a lot. Man, she was helpful. Finally, we settled down and went to sleep.

The next day, we woke up, realizing that we only had one last morning together. We finished packing and got ready. Then, we met up by the dining area and did our lunch cheers. We forgot ours, though. It was pretty funny. Then after breakfast, we played for a little bit with a ball. Finally, even though it took her forever, my mom took me and my soul sister, Hanna, home.

There are a lot of people I would like to thank. First, I would love to thank Junior Blind of America for putting this amazing event on. Next, I would like to thank my braille teacher, Jamie Murdy, for recommending us to come. The third thank you I would like to say is to my parents for saying yes. Also, I would love to thank my counselors, Sunflower, Nolla, and Mango. Last but not least, I would love to thank my friend Hanna. She was amazing and helped me a lot this week. A big part of my week I spent with her. Like our counselors said, we are soul sisters. I’ll be writing soon about my recording equipment adventures.

Thank you,



5 thoughts on “Camp Bloomfield: Day Four

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your camp adventures Taylor ! They all seemed so fun. I’m jealous you got to go horseback riding!

    Love you


  2. Thank you TayTay for another great story. I especially enjoy how you involve and give credit to so many others in your life. I’m glad that I’ve met many of your friends. GPS


  3. WOW Taylor, what wonderful experience you had at camp!!! I love to see how you have grown in so many ways!! I especially love to hear about you playing the Bongo!! This is a activity you mastered as a baby!! And your special bond with Hanna touches my heart!!


  4. Well, Taylor, I have to admit: I’m a little jealous. Kelly, Megan, and I love horseback riding. Sounds like you enjoy it, too. And is your new nickname “Frog on the Wall”?! Anyway, as a teacher, I did notice that your post was really well organized and used interesting details. Thank you for sharing with us!
    Ms. Donna


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