Camp Bloomfield: Day Three


Pictured:  (l-r)  Taylor and Hanna at Camp Bloomfield

Pictured: (l-r) Taylor and Hanna at Camp Bloomfield

 Our third day of camp was my personal favorite. First, we did the rock wall and the high ropes course. My rock wall experience was super cool but also very familiar. This was my second chance climbing the wall (if you look at my Junior Blind Olympics post, then you can hear about my first time). Then, I did the High Ropes course. It was fun getting up to the rope and climbing these steps. Then, we had to walk across the rope and hold on to these cables. After that activity we went to Nature where they had chickens, goats, and rabbits. So basically, it should’ve been named “Nature on steroids.” After we got to feed, pet, and hold the animals, we went to Music. I got to play the bongos and play a little game with it. The object of the game was to listen for a certain beat and we had to answer back by hitting the drum three times. I won the game and I was excited about it! Then, we got to play instruments. I tried the trumpet. I was terrible. I couldn’t get a sound out of it. On my last try, I got a note out of it. Let’s just say I was really excited. After that, our last activity was Archery and that was really fun. We shot arrows, but almost none made it on the bullseye. It was still really fun and I was glad that some just made it on the board. After dinner, we had a campfire, but it was called Christmas in July. There was fake snow and Christmas songs. It reminded me of our church’s Christmas celebration where they had sledding and fake snow, too. We also had a talent show. It was fun to watch, because all of the little kids sang and danced. One even played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then, Santa came and he even left us presents. After that night, we went to our cabins and opened up presents. We got princess stuff and a kit for making crafts. At long last, we got ready for bed and dropped into a blissful sleep.


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