Camp Bloomfield: Day Two

Pictured: Taylor, Hanna and their cabin-mates and camp counselors. Photo courtesy: Taylor Cox

Pictured: Taylor, Hanna and their cabin-mates and camp counselors. Photo courtesy: Taylor Cox


The second day of camp was awesome. First, we had to wake up at 7:00 A.M. Then, we got ready for our day and went to breakfast. After a meal of bacon and pancakes, we went to arts and crafts. The activity lead, Harmony, helped us make dream catchers. In case you’re wondering about the names like Sunflower and Mango, every counselor and activity lead at Camp had a nickname. Anyway, arts and crafts was fun because I got to know my cabin-mates a little better. After arts and crafts, we went swimming in the pool. The activity leads, Guppy and Oono, split the cabin into groups. The ones who knew how to swim went with Oono to practice some drills, while the others stayed with Guppy to learn a little bit more on how to swim. After that, our next activity was sports. We did track, which was pretty tiring, but my guide Sunflower, was a track expert. I totally think she helped a lot. At the end of the session, we had races. I went up against the other visually impaired girl in our cabin. I won three out of three times, but the other girl was really fast. Then, we went horseback riding. That was fun, too, because I hadn’t ridden in a long time. I got to ride a horse named Tiny. It was funny because Tiny sneezed on Sunflower five times! That was by far one of my favorite activities.

After horseback riding, we had dinner cheers, which are always fun to do because every cabin had to make one. We did our cheer to Uptown Funk. We ended up winning first. That was exciting. Finally, after dinner we had a movie. We got to watch Monsters University. It was neat because they had it Audio described. After the movie, we did each other’s nails. My other counselor, Nolla, did my nails. Finally, after a long but extremely fun day, we finished it off with some needed sleep.


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