Camp Bloomfield Day One


Taylor and Hanna photo

Pictured: (l-r) Taylor and Hanna at Camp Bloomfield

Hi, everyone! I’m excited to be writing again so soon! Last week, I attended Camp Bloomfield. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. My best friend, Hanna, went with me.

Day One

The first day, we drove up to Malibu in under two hours. We ended up eating lunch by some benches by the entrance when we got chased by some bees. After getting them away, we checked in then got the basic lowdown and we met our camp counselors, Sunflower and Nolla. After setting up in our cabin, we headed for the pool.

After rest hour, we did sports where we had to run laps and raced.

My mom and sister left Hanna and me into the hands of our counselors and CITs, (counselors in training, Rebecca and Alex) we went to take our swimming test. The activity leader, Guppy, had us swim two laps and tread water for two minutes (I passed) and we played human foosball where we had to listen to a jingle ball and know when to kick it. I was terrible at it, but our cabin tied one game and won another. After that, we had soup, lasagna, and bread for dinner. I thought that the pasta was really good. Then, it was campfire time and s’more time. We sang songs and the counselors and activity leads did little plays for us. Finally, after a long day of travel and activity, we went to bed.

Stay tuned for more on Taylor’s complete Camp Bloomfield recap and what’s been going on with her recording equipment!


One thought on “Camp Bloomfield Day One

  1. Taylor, your writing skills are excellent! Your descriptions made me feel like I was there. It’s nice to hear the detail, since it’s hard to finish a sentence at the softball games! We are very happy for you that you had this wonderful camp experience.


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