Summer Start Up

Taylor Cox

Pictured: Taylor Cox, 2015 Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship recipient

Hi, everyone! I’m happy to write another post. I am looking forward to another summer. School ended for me on Friday, so of course I was happy. My sister was graduating into high school, so we went to her promotion at school and then had a party afterword. Then yesterday we started our big church camp at Adams Elementary school. This year, I was too old to actually be in the camp, so I get to help. For this camp, the campers get to choose their own elective, so I’m helping with musical Theater. We will have another big week at camp in two weeks. I’m also going to Camp Bloomfield. I can’t wait to play goal ball and go horseback riding. I’m excited to tell you that I have the microphone and the other necessary stuff for my recording studio, so I’m getting it set up next week. I’m really looking forward to that, even though I won’t be there. I can’t wait for this summer to kick into full swing. I can’t wait to blog about my summer.




4 thoughts on “Summer Start Up

  1. Taylor happy summer to you🌻 I can’t believe you are heading into the seventh grade! How proud of you I am of all the hard work you are doing! I sure hope you have a free day to do a lunch trip. Love you tons and a lot more💟 Stacy


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