Winter Break Recap

Pictured: (l-r) Heaven Vallejos and her brother at the Jingle Bell 5k

Pictured: (l-r) Heaven Vallejos and her brother at the Jingle Bell 5k — Courtesy of Heaven Vallejos

Happy New Year!

Hi everybody. Hope you all had happy holidays. Before break I ran the Jingle Bell Run. I ran the 5k and my brother walked the 2 mile course. The run was on Christmas Tree Lane which was decorated with ornaments, lights and even a huge neon sign of the world that changed from the world to a big peace sign. It meant world peace.

My break was fun. During break I was in a Christmas play for our church. I played Mary and when the boy playing Joseph handed me the baby Jesus, he handed it to me upside down, but it was ok because nobody in the audience noticed. I also went ice skating over break. It was the second time I have ice skated, and I only fell three times – haha!

My family and I made tamales for Christmas. We do it every year. It’s kind of hard because everything is homemade, so it’s good to have a lot of people there, so that different groups can have different jobs. They were delicious!

For Christmas, I got a new iPhone and a karaoke machine. I have used my new iPhone to take videos and pictures. I would like to learn how to use Google Maps. My brother, Joseph and I sang Frozen on the karaoke machine. It was fun!

On New Year’s we stayed home and watched the ball drop on TV and some family came over to watch with us. We made a toast at 9:00 PM just in case one of us fell asleep before midnight. I used to fall asleep early, but now I can stay up.

When school started after break, I signed up for Oral Interpretation. Oral Interpretation is when, as a group, we memorize a story and recite it together with hand motions. We go to a festival and the highest score we can get is a ‘Superior’. I practice three days a week at school during lunch.

I also signed up for drama. I practice for drama three days a week before school. My teachers are calling me ‘Marcia Brady’ because I’m an over achiever. Haha! The play we are doing for drama is ‘Annie Junior”

Finally, I will answer Taylor’s question she sent me. Taylor asked me how I run three miles. Running three miles is easy if you practice enough. If I am running on a road, I use a tether with my guide. This can be anything that the guide and I can both hold one end of to stay connected. I have used shoestrings, rubber bands, yarn, and even a piece of rope. If I am running on grass or in an open area, I do not use a tether. My guide can just tell me which direction to go or describe the surfaces I will be running on. But, if you don’t use a tether, you had better remember your right and left or else you might end up running into a fence like I did when I went right instead of left one time. It was ok, because it didn’t hurt that much – we laughed about it!

Until next time,


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