Excerpt from the Spring 2014 Journal


There is so much to see and learn at conference. Of course, the workshops are planned far in advance. The exhibit hall is full of the latest in tools and toys. There is no lack of food or time for visiting. The announcements of programs and job openings and events fill the information board. But hereโ€™s something that has become an integral part of conference that has not been advertised enough: Sharing tips. Every year there are dozens of new and old ideas shared among the people attending conference. Sometimes the ideas are actually written down by a member who is happy to make dozens of copies to pass along. This year, the new/old idea came from Angela Van Appelen from Sweetwater Union. Angela shared the recipe for making colored puffy paints for tactiles. The handout she provided even showed a squiggle of the colored paint. Thanks so much, Angela, for your generosity and forethought.

For the entire recipe or to access the entire spring journal, click here:ย


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