What exactly is the Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship?

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As adults, most of us think of scholarships as having something to do with academics – knowing the funds will likely be used for things such as tuition, books or the like.  So when we hear of a youth scholarship opportunity for our BVI students, likely your mind goes directly to the description above. Lets be honest, you thought, “eh…that sounds nice…”  Right? Or you might be thinking that the department of rehab already covers what they might request. But wait…because that isn’t exactly what we are offering.* Well, not exactly.

So what exactly does this Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship offer???

SO MUCH MORE than you think, my friends! The Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship (DCYS) wants to give BVI students a chance to:

  • Explore what makes them “tick.” Is it sports, art, music, cooking???
  • Inspire their creativity and individuality.
  • Discover who they really are.
  • Further investigate areas of their academics they need assistance with.
  • Help them to become the most well-rounded, best versions of themselves!

It’s not everyday that a scholarship opportunity exists for our students that encourages (and welcomes) the development of not just academics, but social skills! What?!

CTEBVI’s Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship is just that scholarship you and your students are looking for and what a great opportunity it is! So please take a look at the application and encourage your student to apply!


  • If submitting via email: application and supporting attachments are due by Friday, February 27, 2015
  • If submitting via snail mail, application and supporting attachments must be postmarked by: Wednesday, February 25, 2015

* ok to be fair, the Donna Coffee Youth Scholarship absolutely promotes academic development, but we want you all to think outside of the box!


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