Muddy Buddies

Heaven Vallejos competing in a mud run.

Heaven Vallejos competing in a mud run.

In March, I went to a mud run in Reedley. You had to run through a bunch of obstacles, and they were covered with mud, or you ended up falling into the mud when you went over them. We had to duct tape our shoes to our feet so they didn’t end up sinking into the mud. One obstacle was a muddy slide that went into a mud pit. The slide of terror! We went on it twice and the second time was the muddiest. We got our faces splashed with mud! Another obstacle was crossing a mud pit on a piece of wood. There were many obstacles, but we also had to run 3 miles through fields. My brother Allen, sat on Karen’s (our O&M) head when he was coming down an obstacle that was a wall of tires. The tire wall was very hard because I didn’t know where to step, and some people fell. My favorite part was going through a mud pit to get under a big metal tank. There was a mud pit under the tank and a lot of people were under there banging into each other. We had to crawl through the mud pit, under the tank, to get to the other side. The mud came up to my chest. It was the funnest part because it was slippery, and people were laughing and sliding around in the mud.  After the race, we went to change our clothes and had a hose fight. I sprayed my brother in the face – he was laughing!

I want to thank the organizers of the race because they gave all of us free tickets and t-shirts. That was very nice of them!

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One thought on “Muddy Buddies

  1. Sounds like fun! I’m not sure I could handle all that mud, especially in my face!!! The cleaning up part, now that definitely sounds like fun!

    Thanks for your blogs Heaven. Judi Biller



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