Talley Memories

Heaven at Talley Vineyards Marathon

Heaven Vallejos participating in the Marianne Talley Memorial Fun Run

On Sunday, June 1, I ran my first 5k. A 5k race is 3.1 miles. That is farther than I ever ran before. The race was at Talley Vineyards in Arroyo Grande, CA. The run is called the Marianne Talley Memorial Fun Run. Marianne Talley was an athlete and physical fitness trainer, she died suddenly at a young age. The run is in her memory and raises money for scholarships for Arroyo Grande High School athletes. The run passed through the vineyards and grapevines. Angela and Talley, were my guides. They go to Arroyo Grande High School. They are the top runners there! Talley held the tether while Angela kicked rocks out of my way and made sure I didn’t fall into the ditch – haha!! We also ran by a lettuce field and Talley said “Let’s make a salad!” They were fun to run with. The weather was good for running. It was sunny and cool. Since this was a longer run than I ever did before, I was a little tired at the end. We all got raffle tickets when we crossed the finish line. I won a water bottle and some lace grabbers for my shoes. My next goal is to run another triathlon in July. I start swim lessons again next week and will swim every day for a month. I’m hoping to run in the mornings because I don’t like to run on the treadmill since it never goes anywhere. Haha!

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One thought on “Talley Memories

  1. My Heaven, I just wanted to mention that it was so much fun camping and being so close to where the run took place at Talley Vineyards. Even though, it was hard breaking camp so early in the morning to get to the run, I hope you run it every year. However, we never need an excuse to go to the Pismo Beach area do we?


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