Follow the Arrow

In the middle of the school year we got a grant for archery. Four students from my school got to go to archery lessons. There were more students from other schools in our district there also. The archery lessons were at a place called Break the Barriers. Break the Barriers has classes for people of all abilities. I had done archery before, at Camp Bloomfield, so I thought this would be the same. But, it was not. First of all, it was inside. Secondly, the targets were different. The targets at Camp Bloomfield were kind of hard, like wood. The targets at Break the Barriers were made from hay bales and had plastic targets covering them. A blind woman named Janice Walth, from Lodi, California invented a couple of things that make archery easier for blind people. One of the things is a foot guide that helps you stand correctly, and the other is a stand that helps you place your hand so that your bow faces the target. The coach that helped me was really good about explaining ways to do things so that I was a better archer – and so I wouldn’t shoot anyone – haha! His name is Coach Kyle. At the end of one practice he gave me his name tag and everyone started calling me Heaven Kyle. I also got to shoot at a moving target. I could hear the target moving and Coach Kyle helped me by telling me when it was in front of me. I had fun doing bulls eye battles with another student. I really liked archery and we will have four more lessons next school year. Maybe someday I will compete in an archery competition. One more thing to put on my list of things I want to do. I am including a link about my archery class. Next week, I’ll tell you about my first triathlon!
Until next time,


One thought on “Follow the Arrow

  1. My Heaven, I’m so proud of all that you have done, never ceasing to amaze me. You shoot them arrows hitting targets way better than I ever did.


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